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Apogia Hotels in Italy and France.

Holidays for every taste in Italy and abroad

Whether you prefer to relax at the seaside, whether you’d like to pass some days immersed in culture and arts, whether you would like to breathe the fresh air of the mountains, Apogia satisfies all your needs. In Italy and France.

33 hotels in different cities. At the seaside, on the mountains, and in cities of arts and culture. Apogia has its hotels in Italy and abroad, in Venice, Rome, Paris, Nizza, on the Italian coast of Veneto and on the mountains of Selva di Cadore. Eache one with a single feature, the hotels of Apogia Hotels Group can satisfy all your holidays requests. Whether you’d like to rest at the seaside, and have fun during the night, whether you prefer to enjoy silence and quiet on the green and snowy mountains of Veneto, whether you’d like to immerse yourself in culture and arts cities, like Venice and Paris, Apogia always gives you the right solution.


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